It’s time to sign up your farm – and find local foods easily

Through some generous grant funding,  is able to establish QR codes and GTIN Bar-codes so that family farmers can easily get labels on their products that will help consumers find their farm.  For starters,  if you profile your farm,  and create an inventory of the products you expect to sell this season, then internet-savvy consumers will be able to “find” your products and send advance orders or see which farmers markets you participate in.  Those same consumers can save your location on their phones or laptops and come back to purchase at their convenience.  LocaleChesapeake will also get you 500 ” shelf talkers”  4 X 6″ cards with a QR code that links to your farm’s website or profile on   It’s all designed to help you sell more directly,  and to help consumers find farms and farmers they wish to become part of their regular food supply.   Farmers, visit and look for the big Green GO button.    Consumers,  browse farms in your area,  and enjoy connecting with your own local food supply


About marylandfarmplace

We manage farms, land, processes and software to help people find locally produced food and to benefit from nutrient offset credits and other elements of "best practices" farming. Food safety law compliance and special marketing tools are being deployed in the form of bar-coding applications that we call LocaleChesapeake. See for an explanation and sign up or view farm information in the Middle Atlantic region
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