2018 Is a Local Food Year for Everyone

It’s the year to find your favorite growers/farmers/processors near your home. Find them at Farmers’ Markets, local stores and let your taste buds lead you there by always asking where something good is from.

We find that many restaurants and markets will say or label food as being local,  but it’s always good to ask as the temptation to buy from the cheapest source is often front and center. Encourage retail stores and restaurants to purchase from the best farms in their region by asking.

As the business progresses, bar codes help to verify where a product was grown or produced while at the same time keeping farms and suppliers in compliance with Food Safety regulations. Direct Farmers Markets and Farm Stands are mostly exempt but it’s still wise to ask if you are purchasing directly from the grower or producer, or if the seller is sourcing from other farms. Pick your favorite foods and patronize them so their sales grow.  It’s a community effort, but your farmers and your health will both benefit.

It’s fun to always visit farmers markets when you travel, too.   This helps local growers with occasional sales, and it’s interesting to learn about what grows in the different regions of our country.

Enjoy 2018 and we wish you happy and healthy eating.


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We manage farms, land, processes and software to help people find locally produced food and to benefit from nutrient offset credits and other elements of "best practices" farming. Food safety law compliance and special marketing tools are being deployed in the form of bar-coding applications that we call LocaleChesapeake. See OurLocale.com for an explanation and sign up or view farm information in the Middle Atlantic region
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