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We manage farms, land, processes and software to help people find locally produced food and to benefit from nutrient offset credits and other elements of "best practices" farming. Food safety law compliance and special marketing tools are being deployed in the form of bar-coding applications that we call LocaleChesapeake. See for an explanation and sign up or view farm information in the Middle Atlantic region

Small Farmers can get a Big Boost with smart labels

Produce,  and Meats from small farms can now gain access to affordable GTIN bar-codes, packaged with QR codes and a mobile marketing app,  so that customers can find and purchase quickly,  and be sure that the food is part of a local economy.  Stay tuned for new locations with “source verified”  food grown by family farms

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Local Meat BUYER survey

We’re gathering information on buyers of local foods,  particularly in schools, hospitals and other institutions and would appreciate survey responses ( link attached)  if you fall into any of those categories OR if you are a retail buyer concerned with finding truly local meats.   This is for the QR and GTIN bar-code system  that’s now being tested.  THANKS for helping us gain some meaningful responses to help local farms label their goods in the most cost effective and most efficient ways !   Eat Well.

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Farmer Survey regarding local food labeling

We’re thrilled to announced that a survey is now active through June 7th  to guage interest in a Local Food Labeling system that will allow small family farms to get standard bar-codes  for their products to improve shipping, inventory and retailing at little or no cost to the farm.  Consumers want to confirm that anything labeled as ” Local Food”  really does come directly from a farm in their area,  and the Locale system provides for a direct link to farm information, including the exact location, from a simple smart phone app that scans the Locale bar-code.   Please link to the survey to participate and include contact information at the end if you think this can help your farm and community.

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Look for a survey on “source verified” foods in Maryland soon

Our team has created a survey to first determine farmer’s interest and questions about the QR and GTIN bar-code labeling that is now available in our region through the good people at  Please participate in the survey,  and check … Continue reading

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It’s time to sign up your farm – and find local foods easily

Through some generous grant funding,  is able to establish QR codes and GTIN Bar-codes so that family farmers can easily get labels on their products that will help consumers find their farm.  For starters,  if you profile your farm,  … Continue reading

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New Technologies and New processes for “Local Food” in Maryland Link to this week’s event about aquaculture and technology for agriculture on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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Buy Local Challenge in Maryland

The Governor and the Department of Agriculture in Maryland are once again creating a ” Buy Local Challenge” to residents of the Free State. July 21st is the date for the Cook-off at the Governor’s house in Annapolis and it … Continue reading

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Top 10 Produce – see how technology can help independent farms market

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Hello Farmers and Consumers

Welcome to LocaleChesapeake;   a local food verification ,  and food safety compliance system.    We’ll publish technical info,  and we’ll link to other “local food”  participants in the middle atlantic states.

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