Being part of a family that has farmed in Pennsylvania or Maryland since about 1725 has created in me an interest in the “local food” craze during the past five years, and with memories of being taught how to milk cows and top tobacco as a child, there is a sense of responsibility to share what knowldge I have of agricultural production on a family farm. It’s clear that mechanization and the growth of corporate farming in my lifetime has created a void and a lack of connection with farms for many people in today’s world. This is not just an Urban vs. Rural phemomenon as people are often not a part of their rural communities in the way they were fifty years ago. Many people feel a real need to connect with their food and where it comes from, given the introduction of scary chemicals and processes like genetic modification which didn’t exist fifty years ago. So, we are embarking on a path to create a way for people to be sure that they know their farmer, even if he or she is far away. In the process, we hope to use our knowledge of certain technologies and business processes to create a way for family farms to identify their products with labels that can connect the consumer by cell phone, or by internet connection to truly be introduced. This blog will cover some of the technology and some of the events in the Middle Atlantic states that can help consumers know more about their food, and help some family farmers to grow and sell more while knowing that they’re creating a healthier food supply.


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