2018 Is a Local Food Year for Everyone

It’s the year to find your favorite growers/farmers/processors near your home. Find them at Farmers’ Markets, local stores and let your taste buds lead you there by always asking where something good is from.

We find that many restaurants and markets will say or label food as being local,  but it’s always good to ask as the temptation to buy from the cheapest source is often front and center. Encourage retail stores and restaurants to purchase from the best farms in their region by asking.

As the business progresses, bar codes help to verify where a product was grown or produced while at the same time keeping farms and suppliers in compliance with Food Safety regulations. Direct Farmers Markets and Farm Stands are mostly exempt but it’s still wise to ask if you are purchasing directly from the grower or producer, or if the seller is sourcing from other farms. Pick your favorite foods and patronize them so their sales grow.  It’s a community effort, but your farmers and your health will both benefit.

It’s fun to always visit farmers markets when you travel, too.   This helps local growers with occasional sales, and it’s interesting to learn about what grows in the different regions of our country.

Enjoy 2018 and we wish you happy and healthy eating.

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Local Food in 2017

Is this the year for source verification – using bar codes or other technology? When you purchase, try to find the source, and when possible know and support your local food growers, preparers and everyone who supports open and clear source information on food products

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2016 Local Food/local Agriculture

Support your local farm markets,  retailers and the farms that grow good food in your area.      More FOOD HUBS,  and direct sales in 2016 will occur,  Stand by or send us your latest market news.

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Think and act locally in 2016

Have an excellent, and productive, but also a rewarding 2016

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Buy Local goods in 2015

Make it a resolution to buy more locally crafted foods, arts, parts, and things in general in 2015.  Are the big chains  and the Walton family wealth something you identify with?  I’ll bet not,  so support your local merchants,  and buy goods where people can actually talk to you about the products and services they sell,  not just scan a bar-code and check you out at the register.   America needs more quality merchants and more goods that are produced stateside,  not cheaper imported, poorer quality things.   So,  please think about where your money goes  when you go shopping.   Thanks for reading and for acting locally in 2015

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Please learn about Friends of MAAM

There’s a great group forming in Montgomery County, MD  to create an indoor and outdoor marketplace in North Potomac at the historic Maple Springs Barn on Darnestown road.   http://friendsofmaam.com/2014/11/02/moco-agricultural-arts-indoor-market/  is where you can sign up to help  or just show your support as a consumer and member public who support local farmers and artisans.   It’s important that consumers show support for markets where farmers can sell directly to there customers.  Sign up today!

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Technology to help the local meat farmers

Be sure to follow online events this weekend as a group in New York City “hacks” or discusses ways that technology can be applied to the local food business to help farmers sell more, and to help consumers know more about the food that they buy and feed to their families. Scan our QR codes and stay tuned for more info.

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Small Farmers can get a Big Boost with smart labels

Produce,  and Meats from small farms can now gain access to affordable GTIN bar-codes, packaged with QR codes and a mobile marketing app,  so that customers can find and purchase quickly,  and be sure that the food is part of a local economy.  Stay tuned for new locations with “source verified”  food grown by family farms

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Local Meat BUYER survey

We’re gathering information on buyers of local foods,  particularly in schools, hospitals and other institutions and would appreciate survey responses ( link attached)  if you fall into any of those categories OR if you are a retail buyer concerned with finding truly local meats.   This is for the QR and GTIN bar-code system  that’s now being tested.  THANKS for helping us gain some meaningful responses to help local farms label their goods in the most cost effective and most efficient ways !   Eat Well.

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Farmer Survey regarding local food labeling

We’re thrilled to announced that a survey is now active through June 7th  to gauge interest in a Local Food Labeling system that will allow small family farms to get standard bar-codes  for their products to improve shipping, inventory and retailing at little or no cost to the farm.  Consumers want to confirm that anything labeled as ” Local Food”  really does come directly from a farm in their area,  and the Locale system provides for a direct link to farm information, including the exact location, from a simple smart phone app that scans the Locale bar-code.   Please link to the survey to participate and include contact information at the end if you think this can help your farm and community.

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