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We manage farms, land, processes and software to help people find locally produced food and to benefit from nutrient offset credits and other elements of "best practices" farming. Food safety law compliance and special marketing tools are being deployed in the form of bar-coding applications that we call LocaleChesapeake. See for an explanation and sign up or view farm information in the Middle Atlantic region

2020 The Most Unusual Year, in so many ways. Buy Local grows

In this year in which the economy and health of everyone has been turned upside down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems that awareness of locally grown, locally raised and locally processed foods has grown tremendously. As outbreaks of … Continue reading

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2019 and FDA’s Food Safety Plans   A good read to see where gov food safety programs are heading.  Traceability is possible though cumbersome for some products.  What do you think?

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Changing Technologies for local food identification

This has been a great year for local food.  Though the pressures of high volume organic producers continues and large retailers like Walmart are getting deeper into selling food which they can label local and organic,  it’s becoming easier for … Continue reading

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2018 Is a Local Food Year for Everyone

It’s the year to find your favorite growers/farmers/processors near your home. Find them at Farmers’ Markets, local stores and let your taste buds lead you there by always asking where something good is from. We find that many restaurants and … Continue reading

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Local Food in 2017

Is this the year for source verification – using bar codes or other technology? When you purchase, try to find the source, and when possible know and support your local food growers, preparers and everyone who supports open and clear … Continue reading

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2016 Local Food/local Agriculture

Support your local farm markets,  retailers and the farms that grow good food in your area.      More FOOD HUBS,  and direct sales in 2016 will occur,  Stand by or send us your latest market news.

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Think and act locally in 2016

Have an excellent, and productive, but also a rewarding 2016

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Buy Local goods in 2015

Make it a resolution to buy more locally crafted foods, arts, parts, and things in general in 2015.  Are the big chains  and the Walton family wealth something you identify with?  I’ll bet not,  so support your local merchants,  and … Continue reading

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Please learn about Friends of MAAM

There’s a great group forming in Montgomery County, MD  to create an indoor and outdoor marketplace in North Potomac at the historic Maple Springs Barn on Darnestown road.  is where you can sign up to help  or just show … Continue reading

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Technology to help the local meat farmers Be sure to follow online events this weekend as a group in New York City “hacks” or discusses ways that technology can be applied to the local food business to help farmers sell … Continue reading

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