2020 The Most Unusual Year, in so many ways. Buy Local grows

In this year in which the economy and health of everyone has been turned upside down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems that awareness of locally grown, locally raised and locally processed foods has grown tremendously. As outbreaks of the virus occurred at major meat packing plants, many consumers turned to local butchershops and in the process they discovered farms and farmers markets they didn’t previously patronize. This has caused many farms to report huge spikes in sales and has even caused delays and shortages of products which never reach the national distribution chain but are only sold locally.

This summer, like no other summer, be sure to call ahead, but find every local source of foods that you can.


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We manage farms, land, processes and software to help people find locally produced food and to benefit from nutrient offset credits and other elements of "best practices" farming. Food safety law compliance and special marketing tools are being deployed in the form of bar-coding applications that we call LocaleChesapeake. See OurLocale.com for an explanation and sign up or view farm information in the Middle Atlantic region
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